Our teams works with an amazing list of leading companies to create robust business models that take advantage of digital trends.

We work hand-in-hand with larger organizations as an expert digital partner to source, create, and manage emerging technology opportunities for serious market strategies.

Past & Current Projects

We maintain a custom database of emerging technologies ranging from social startups to corporate platforms that allows our team to source effective and scalable solutions.

We’ve partnered with leaders in cloud and semantic technology.
Connecting data in meaningful ways is how we think.

Our team loves analytics and thrive of the concepts behind the ‘Internet of Everything”

We think of words as data. Every point connects to another. Each has meaning.

By understanding this data and the way technology and users interact with it we can identify key drivers for search engine optimization, content management, data trends, market stability, and competitive intelligence.

Our understanding of words is second to none.

We even like the acronyms: Contact us if you want to improve your SEO, SEM, SMO, SMAC, LHM, CTR, LTV, CPC, CPL, CPA…

The social web is an amazing thing. It combines brand, digital, and search along with human behavior.

We believe in strategic implementation of tactical resources, which often means using social in unique ways to understand business opportunities, market scenarios, and competitive changes.

We’ve built reputation, monitoring, and influence tools for our own use, and sometimes share our data with the right partners.

Epiphany Metrics has created a number of tools and services. 

If you would like to find out how to utilize them across your business, reach out and contact us.