Social Media Training in Seattle, Bellevue, Bainbridge and Portland

A lot of professionals and clients have asked for an opportunity to hear our staff present. Over the next two weeks our founder will be presenting at four different conferences to talk about social media and actionable business models. Here are some of the upcoming opportunities that are on different tactical applications of social media. If you have anyone in your network interested in some of these event topics, please pass along the info!

May 24th – Using Social Media in Political Campaigns (Bellevue)

Hosted by the Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish County

The annual MBA campaign training school for candidates, activists and interested citizens. Learn how to use social media and digital information to plan a campaign, target a district or city, communicate with your voters, recruit and mobilize volunteers and (finally) pay for it all.

June 2nd – Growing Business Partners with Social Media (Seattle)

hosted by Washington Technology Industry Association and Disney Interactive
This session is about identifying “core partners” in a digital marketplace. It examines the best practice strategy requirements for coordinating with friends and industry partners, methods to find new channel partners, and tactics to leverage against competitors in the market. Attendees will be used as real-time case examples: identifying synergies and common goals that allow both teams and individuals to coordinate budget effective tactics.

June 3rd – Digital Reputation, Why Your Name Matters Most (Portland)

BuzzRE Portland, sponsored by HomeQuest and Mrealty

As real estate professionals, reputation is tied to everything you do: from generating leads and holding open houses, to shaking hands and working with premiere financial intuitions. In the digital world, your “reputation” defines first impressions and affects how existing connections interact with you. Attendees will learn methods of defending this important name based reputation space, as well as positive ways of generating business using pro-active strategies.

June 4th – Identifying the Unseen, how to identify your Bigfoot from digital tracks (Bainbridge)

Bigfoot Northwest Social Networking Conference  – Sponsored by Washington State Chamber of Commerce and Mashable

In real life, forensic evidence draws a picture of things we can’t see. In the digital world, analytics and personal user data draws a picture about everyone on the web. This digital footprint tells us who is interested in your service and gives you the ability to learn more about potential clients, grow existing clients more effectively, and maximize online audiences using search sites like Google and Yahoo, to online review sites such as Yelp and Citysearch.