Trade Show Social Media launch, digital event platform & services

We are happy to announce one of the new product groups that has evolved out of multiple event based projects: (TSSM)

If you are someone who has been dealt with traditional events, conferences, or trade shows – this team has expertise applying new communication processes into a traditional event model.


The idea behind a large event is very complex.
As an event organizer, sponsor, or vendor there are different tactical
reasons why you would use new digital media solutions.

Almost all of these revolve around two basic needs.

Brand Experience: events are a chance to highlight your business in front of an audience. In many cases this means you have one chance to get it right and the memory of that brand experience will last a lifetime.

Revenue: businesses don’t spend piles of money on events because they are fun. Decision makers around events need to establish why an event makes good business sense and can drive revenue. This revenue doesn’t always happen at the event itself, but could be generated before or after the show. It could represent new revenue from event leads or on-going upsell of existing clients.

Trade Show Social Media (TSSM) provides insight and guidance to strategically apply technology and social trends to different parts of the event process.



Increase Awareness * Increase Satisfaction * Increase Revenue

We do this by leading with the mantra

“Understand Your Audience.”

By using new research techniques we can clarify what your audience wants and work with you to tactically implement a solution that will support your business goals.

This can leverage many of our solutions that include

  • Event Microsites
  • Live Photography / Videography
  • Community Platforms
  • Whitepaper / Content Creation
  • Lead Refinement
  • QR code integration
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Metrics Analysis
  • Structured Networking
  • Audience Profiling
  • Hardware / Equipment Rental
  • Journalist / Blogger Outreach
  • Sponsor Development
  • Livestream Management
    .If you are planning your event strategy for the upcoming season and want to take advantage of new opportunities in your industry, visit