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Social Media Education & Weekend Reading

As my on-going readers know, I’m always in a process of detailing strategies and tactics for different audiences on social media training.

While our crew is often working on a number of projects, some of the ideas simply don’t make it to this blog. Here is a recap of ideas on and that shed some light on some pretty tactical questions.

Take a few minutes to browse around some of the other topics and put your thinking hat on to ask “how can I apply these tactics to my situation?”


Social Media Analtics and tracking points of market impact

One of the most important aspects of using social media revolves around how people use it. To produce valid social media analytics we first have to define social media: Social media is not a simple or clear cut tool. It is a very basic and adaptable cog that fits into personal and professional needs. Read more…


Why is SEO important?

The real importance of search engine optimization is not about the technicalities of getting it done. The importance of SEO is about tapping into the addressable market potential for a business who knows how to convert sales. The technical requirements and strategies of ranking high in organic listings is not rocket science… Read more…



Event Hashtags – a guide to using them
Hashtags would seem like they aren’t terribly complex, but what if you don’t know what a Hashtag is or have never setup a business strategy using one? This guide covers event hashtags and why it makes sense to define a logical structure for your audiences to engage with you on…. Read more…


Social Media Security – is your event social and secure?
If you manage or attend events regularly, this is an important topic to educate your community on. One of my professional niches is understanding new types of security and privacy concerns regarding new media. A common type of question people ask me revolves around exposing where people are located…Read More…