200+ Social Media Tools

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You may have missed these awesome tool collections that have earned over 1000 retweets, hundreds of likes, and a few social mentions. Each of the 40+ categories has a few relevant tips for understanding what you should be thinking about when you start exploring.

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To help focus on a topic of interest: there are category breakdown for trade shows, analytics, dashboards, visualization, and competitive intelligence .

 The 200+ Social Media Tools Superlist

40+ Social Media Tools for Trade Shows
For everyone planning, promoting, or managing an event there is one necessity… discovering new ways of being more efficient. The problem is that social media tools are coming out at an amazing pace and it is nearly impossible to track them.
online analytics toolsThe data we collect about our users, the way they travel from A to B, and what the total experience involved becomes a critical cog to understanding what, when, where, why, and how our business can make more efficient revenue decisions.
visualization tools
 Keep in mind that some of these tools just need ‘some play time’ where you trial and test different types of data until they begin to make sense to you, your audience, and your business.
online competitive  Don’t be afraid of simply sitting down and playing with one or two tools a week and seeing what you come up with. The real magic begins to happen when you start discovering that one tool provides the secret ingredient to turbo-charge the next tool.
social media dashboard tools
Many of the social media dashboard tools have overlapping features, while almost all of them have one or two unique features that may be applicable to the task at hand.

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