Building a Social Media Dashboard

There is no other way to say it: social media creates an insane amount of data from purchasing and conversation behavior, employee and consumer interaction, and daily lifestyle choices.

How do we handle information overload?

In order to figure out how to use social media for your benefit, one of the best starting points is understanding how you can discover, listen to, and cultivate social media into something you can act on.

This leads us to the idea of creating a social media dashboard: a visualization of metrics and limitless data that needs to viewed through very specific types of business viewpoints.

The following articles cover both strategic questions and tactical recommendations. They’ve been tweeted over 1000 times and shared to hundreds of people on Google, Facebook, and Linkedin.

I’ve covered everything to why you should be doing it and what tools you can use to get it done regardless of whether or not you have a budget of $ 1 or $ 1 million.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Creating a Free Social Media Dashboard
Social Media Dashboard Design
Creating Social Media Dashboards
40+ Social Media Dashboard Tools for Tracking Stuff

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