Social Media Training – 40 Questions for the Corporate Team

There are a lot of questions regarding social media training and how it ties into a larger organization.

To help with that I’ve collected some of my thoughts in a free whitepaper that highlights some of the critical areas of impact you should be thinking about.

You can read through the list of questions I’ve covered below… but will need to download the whitepaper to get some of my value-added thoughts.

Some questions to think about…

  • How much does this cost?
  • What forms of social media will reach our business goals?
  • Are there any “low cost” benefits?
  • What are we really trying to accomplish?
  • How long will this take?
  • Do you have any formalized goals or reports in place for your new media projects?
  • What is the internal budgetary support of the new venture?
  • If I don’t have budget, where can I reallocate resources from?
  • Do you know what section of your online pipeline is causing problems?
  • Does someone within your organization “get it?”?
  • Have you identified organization leaders that can support new initiatives?
  • Who within your company has ultimate responsibility for online communication?
  • Who will maintain our social media presence?
  • Do you have a trusted, executive champion?
  • Do you currently know who is engaged in conversation about your business?
  • What groups and individuals are responsible for current online media activities?
  • Is there a formalized internal social media policy in place?
  • Have you talked to legal?
  • What platforms do you currently have a corporate digital presence?
  • What platforms do your employees currently have digital presences?
  • Do you have a method for tracking and coordinating social media efforts?
  • Do you know where your customers spend time online?
  • Does your company have an online voice?
  • Are there any users of social media that produce content?
  • Have current information assets been evaluated in a digital asset context?
  • Do you know what new communication tools your customer want to use with you?
  • Do you gather competitive intelligence from the online marketplace?
  • Do you have a method for focusing on actionable data?
  • Is human resources having difficulty retaining or attracting top talent?
  • Do you have a sales plan in place to take advantage of sudden online news?
  • Do you have a method of grading your social media efforts?
  • Do you understand the value of intellectual syndication?
  • Have you created any effort to mobilize and encourage your company supporters?
  • Can we take our time?
  • Can we take advantage of opportunities in timely manner?
  • Is there information is out there that we aren’t tracking, that we should?
  • Can your business highlight accomplishments and involvement?
  • and three more bonus questions…

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