Our partnership program offers a variety of ways in dealing with us, if you would like to offer best-in-class online business services but don’t have the know-how or infrastructure to do so, Epiphany Metrics partner program can help you.

We’ll customize a plan based on a variety of scenarios. We deliver unprecedented business results for our partners, ranging from worldwide campaigns to niche industry projects. Our expert team grants our partners the ability to enhance almost every aspect of online business expertise with a single point of contact.

White-Label Program

Maintain exclusive access to your clients while we work seamlessly in the background. We provide you with comprehensive strategies and expert tactical services, that you then pass to your clients. This is the best option for agencies that want to offer world class services while maintaining one-on-one client access.

Referral /Reseller Program

This is a full hands-off program that offers a generous referral fee. Simply tell us who may benefit from our insight and we will take care for the rest. If we develop any business from your introduction, you will receive a referral fee that can be in the form of both credit with our group or direct compensation. This is the best option for agencies or consultants that come in contact with businesses who will benefit from our world class services, but do not have the time to engage with the prospect or client for the full length of the partnership.

Agency or Collective Program

This is intended for organizations that want to bring a holistic offering to a group of clients. It allows the agency to sign-up for retainer amounts with an economy of scale, that can then be distributed to any number of clients within the agency. This is the best strategy for agencies wanting access to a variety of business experts that can advise on prospect calls, clients projects, or even internal projects.

Vendor Program

We utilize a “best in class” community of technology leaders ranging from online video, content management providers, listening platforms, and everything in between. Epiphany Metrics only recommends the best vendors who show effective business results and the ability to impact our clients in a positive way.

An example list of businesses that benefit from our partnership program:

  • Traditional media buying & marketing agencies
  • Public relations firms
  • Business Consulting Groups
  • Website design agencies
  • Technology start-ups with business tools
  • Web & software development agencies
  • Independent business consultants who wish to supplement their service offerings
  • Other service or product providers whose clients will benefit from partnering with us

Contact us now for additional information and to sign-up for our partnership program!