Steven S MacDonaldThe greatest client successes have come from a fundamental shift in helping companies that work hard at their marketing, to having their marketing work hard for them. This is done through the combination of brand strategy, what Harvard Business Review calls every company’s greatest strategic resource, and social media which has changed the entire dynamic for how business can effectively reach customers locally and globally on a budget.

Over a twenty-three year career, Mr. MacDonald has served as a founding partner in an advertising agency, Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning for the Mazda Motors of America, Executive Vice President of a regional marketing firm and CEO of a start-up. Mr. MacDonald a member of the Thought Leadership Board of the Marketing Executives Network Group (MENG) to create a series of special reports and trend analysis to be shared with the national business press. Additionally, he has spoken at organizations such as US Airways, been published in business journals, and worked with some of the smartest marketing minds at Nike, Absolut, Procter & Gamble, VISA and Miller Brewing.

Social Media – Great brands have no meaning unless they can be infused into marketing campaigns on a tactical level. ‘Inc. magazine states that the fastest growing private companies are using social media, and Mr. MacDonald believes that it is a must-have tool for every marketer today.’  New social media tools are emerging every day that provide powerful ways to draw customers to businesses of every size, for little to no budget. This is a distinct advantage that most of your competitors have yet to even hear about, yet understand.

With extensive experience in management and ownership positions, Mr. MacDonald understands what is important about managing for profitability. It is his combination of creative marketing and business experience that drives his desire to strip away unnecessary levels of infrastructure and attach senior level talent and focused thinking to a client’s business at a reasonable cost.


Steven’s Specialty

Brand Strategy – If there were one significant competency that should be called out, it is the classic training in brand strategy development that he received from the former head of the Coalition for Brand Equity and CMO of McDonalds. Mr. MacDonald believes in the same premise as Business Week magazine, that marketing without a brand strategy is a waste of money. He has always started client engagements with the goal of seeking the emotional drivers that elevate his client’s brand and marketing to levels far beyond the traditional expectations. He feels strongly that the rational connections to a brand get you on the consideration list, but it is the emotional connections that drive the final purchase decision. This line of thinking has lead many clients to fundamentally shift the way that they think about their market opportunities and how to achieve success.

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Interesting Facts

Mr. MacDonald is the founder of Practical Social Media, an online magazine that teaches entrepreneurs how to use social media, and StudioHDV, a Brand Strategy consulting practice that promises to help companies stop wasting their marketing dollars.