Using Google Maps at Trade Shows and Events

The problem with events isn’t a lack of tools, but the consistent issue of having a ‘missing ingredient’ that links together fairly straight-forward processes.

Today we are going to focus on entirely free tools from Google Maps Indoors.

Unless you are running a strictly virtual event, there are a lot of opportunities to include local information about your event. I’ve included several videos that help explain Google Maps Indoors (see below) that talk about some of the useful insights.

Keep these ideas in mind as you watch them

Your event / show floor plan.

The larger the show is, the larger your opportunity is. The simple ‘you are here’ type of mall display now gives you the ability to reach into the mobile space to attract, generate, funnel, and deliver leads to your event participants. By integrating QR codes and mobile friendly websites for your event you also have the power to track, analyze, and improve your hourly, daily, and annual traffic patterns. This enables you to benchmark and improve both online and offline efforts.

Your Sponsor Adoption

The technology driving the trends behind today’s biggest opportunities are hidden in layers of change, mis-information, and basic workload. Marketing directors and outreach coordinators usually don’t have the time to keep track and apply these concepts. Keep in mind who you are dealing with, the business challenges they have ‘here and now’, and the types of frustration they have.

Your Audience

These tools have a double benefit. Your audience wants simpler and more effective ways of discovering useful information. Understanding these tools and applying them to your event allows your community to have a greater personal ROI.

Extend Beyond the Real World

A key thought is tying your event into mobile, social, and local applications. Google Local and Google Maps help to connect your event in the real world with the information that resides in the online world. This connection point is a key benefit for sponsors and vendors who are trying to reach specific audience members.

Reach Your Community

There are a lot of potential partners just outside the doors at your event. Keep local venues such as restaurants, lounges, and tourist sites on the radar by identifying them on easy to use mapping tools.

Check out the related videos about Google Maps Indoors

[youtube-list feed=”playlist” playlist=”FC4AB206C1519F8B”]

If you have any questions about connecting the real world and the digital realm, drop us a note or leave a comment below.


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