40+ Social Media Tools for Trade Shows

For everyone planning, promoting, or managing an event there is one necessity… discovering new ways of being more efficient.

The problem is that social media tools are coming out at an amazing pace and it is nearly impossible to track them. Here at TSSM we’ve collected a database of roughly 5000 social media tools (not all focused on the event industry) only to realize some of the best tools were never intended for events. Read more

Trade Show Displays: why the audience demands more

After spending more than a decade of my professional life attending all forms of trade shows and association events, I am perplexed by the consistent lack of evolution in what a trade show display is (or could be.)

I believe that a functioning trade show display is not a display, but an experience. Read more

10 tips for QR codes at Trade Show Booths + 3 bonus ideas

If you feel your audience is a tech-friendly group and thus decide to add QR codes to your trade show exhibit graphics, then do these 10 things: Read more

Trade Show Displays and 3 essentials you need to have

Having attended several trade shows in the past month covering outdoor gear, military development, and corporate training – our team is constantly intrigued by common elements being left out of the standard trade show display. Read more

Trade Show Budget – where do you fit in?

One of the biggest questions we receive from executives is “where do we fit in?”

Depending on your organization, the planning and budget requirements of a trade show could be owned by product managers, marketing directors, or general cross-departmental teams.

Unfortunately this means that many decision makers are perplexed by how much they should spend, where they should spend it, and what the expectations should be. Read more

Event Hashtags – a guide to using them

Hashtags would seem like they aren’t terribly complex, but what if you don’t know what a Hashtag is or have never setup a business strategy using one? This guide covers event hashtags and why it makes sense to define a logical structure for your audiences to engage with you on.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words that have the hash symbol (“#”) attached to them. This highlights the #hashtag as an important part of the message. In a more traditional application you use Hashtags to note #classifications #categories and #similar topics. In many cases this allows you to talk about a brand or product and define what category the conversation should be in. Read more

Social Media Security – is your event social and secure?

If you manage or attend events regularly, this is an important topic to educate your community on.

One of my professional niches is understanding new types of security and privacy concerns regarding new media.
A common type of question people ask me revolves around exposing where people are located:

  • Should I tweet it?
  • Should I check in on FourSquare?
  • Should I comment on the presentation?
  • Should I tag them?

This article goes into some of the questions you should strategically consider for your event and ways that you can make it a great experience for everyone involved. Read more

Audience Engagement & Community Management

Managing an event isn’t just about handling items on the day of the show,
but knowing how to make an amazing experience before, during, and after.

This is the key to audience engagement and community management.

In many circumstances the ‘before and after’ experience is driven by online conversation and community buzz.
People want to talk about things that interest them and they also want to discover like-minded people they can network with. Read more

Google Maps Indoors, Trade Show Marketing 101

The problem with events isn’t a lack of tools, but the consistent issue of having a ‘missing ingredient’ that links together fairly straight-forward processes.

Today we are going to focus on entirely free tools from Google Maps Indoors

Unless you are running a strictly virtual event, there are a lot of opportunities to include local information about your event. I’ve included several videos that help explain Google Maps Indoors (see below) that talk about some of the useful insights. Read more

6 Reasons to have a Social Event Strategy

Before jumping right into some of the business reasons for having a social event strategy, I want to address the time frames that digital media bring to the event owners table.

The basic scenario of working with an event exists before, during, and after. If the event is a ‘one off’ you have a simpler model.

If the event is repeating you have a cycle of before, during, and afters that build into a trend.

Most events fail at realizing the first basic model and only construct the business processes around before and during.They create attendance, vendor, and sponsor value statements around two of the three cogs. Read more