Nutritional Organization goes digital, coach the coach


This global nutritional organization has a distributed outreach mechanism that involves nearly five hundred full-time employees and over 65,000 independent coach resellers . Over the past few years the organizational employees had lost relevance in developing new online strategies, resulting in independent coaches having control of future digital growth.

The Challenge

Understand the success factors driving the top five percent of the 65,000 coaches to duplicate those results through-out the remaining 95% of the channel, while establishing control methods for corporate to distribute information and manage both short and long term campaigns.

How We Helped

We started by comparing internal business drivers from the 65k users against social data and online success stories of the top five percent. Individuals who had a high correlation of business success and online understanding where ran through a multi-level process of phone interviews, webinars, and in-person usability studies.

Key outcomes of the project

Client gained insight to knowing that of the top 25 coaches (of 65,000) had scored only six points on twenty point scale. Each of the top 25 had a random sampling of success points but had limited understanding of a comprehensive digital strategy.

Identification of five, ten, fifteen, and twenty point strategy models allowed leading resellers to adopt expert strategies, while new coaches could begin with the right set of foundational success points.

  • Organization was seen by coaches as pro-active by creating leading digital model
  • Training process integrated into national training summit with 5,000 attendees
  • 2/3 of top 25 coaches experienced 50% or greater traffic growth over six months
  • Thousands of new coaches had online business process reduced by 12 to 18 months
  • Identified local models of business operation that worked at a metro and regional level