We Help a Global Health Product Manufacturer Save Lives


Our client, a mid-sized cardiac product manufacture wanted to engage with new technology and social trends to save lives. EKG/AED devices are utilized worldwide by hospitals, schools, government agencies, and through mid to large organizations. The vast majority of these use case scenarios are typically triggered by an unfortunate event that most often results in the loss of life.

The Challenge

Establish a process for identifying online behaviors that indicate communities with a high likelihood of cardiac related issues before, during, and after a potential health related crisis. Communicate this through departmental employees to provide community relations, pro-active sales development, and increased consumer engagement.

How We Helped

We first looked at five competitive organizations with like-minded products. We collected data on over two thousand market employees, defined online conversational topics, and studied dozens of online communities. This data was matched with internal data that included current contracts, on-going orders, and both local and global market trends.

The client was in the process of re-launching their main online site and two additional niche platforms. Our research data was utilized to construct process models that indicated where and when employees could engage likely consumers of the technology, as well as methods of cultivating product evangelists.

Key outcomes of the project

  • Redefined tactical implementation of $400k web development project
  • Organizational wide training process linked to dynamic online resources
  • Creation of executive leadership innovation group
  • Organic traffic increase of nearly 150% within six months