There are essential points to learn from and questions that every company needs to ask before venturing into new territory. The better the questions asked, the better the quality of answer received.

Our unique perspective into how competitors interact serves as a compass in an extremely complicated online marketplace. It is essential to realize that one critical element can mean the difference between failure and success. By understanding this, companies can tactically leverage gaps or effectively go head-to-head with valuable insight.

Whether going over detail to specific implications, risks, and opportunities – our results are immediately actionable: supported by comprehensive data sources for further analysis.

One of the highest values we  provide is detailed marketplace intelligence,  once restricted to the most respected and expensive market research firms. This information is now available to with ROI impact on both internal and external projects, allowing business to base future plans on the failure and success made by competitors. This allows you to tap into hundreds of thousands of dollars in free education and R&D at their expense (presenting an immediate value.)

  • Interaction Points for External Efforts
  • Site Traffic and conversion methodologies
  • Push Marketing Analysis – Marketing, PR, etc
  • Pull Marketing Analysis – Social Media
  • Keyword Information
  • Past & Current Projects
  • Search trends
  • Pre-existing online groups
  • Influencers and industry movers
  • Competitive holes or information gaps
  • Market intelligence and discovery
  • Competitive projects and initiatives
  • Vulnerabilities/Risks