Epiphany Metrics understands how valuable your online brand and reputation are. Whether talking about individual executives or dealing with corporate brand, our team has developed a series of proprietary tools and methodologies that interact with your online presence: ranging from conversational approaches, career changing search engine brand control, repairing online damage, sharing positive news, interacting with consumer review sites and educating executives on reputation impacts.

We believe in ethical reputation managementwordle4reputation

Our team also believes in supporting honest businesses. We will not hide illegal or unethical behavior.

We practice both strategic protection and tactical execution.

Since 2001, our founder has literally written hundreds (if not thousands) of pages regarding online reputation management and the effects it has on business. He has presented to a variety of executives regarding impacts to employee groups, career changes, legal ramifications, and competitive advantage. You can download our free whitepapers or have a personal consultation with him.

The value of reputation and brand is priceless… and it has ROI

Having overcome many unique challenges in online reputation, we know that it is not a simple concept. In fact we know that it crosses over multiple layers of technical and social behavior: including sales, investor relations, search engine optimization, social media conversation, and business process.

While we are happy to discuss tactical solutions, our ideal clients are open to solutions that provide lasting results and address underlying problems.