Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC) allows for your company to have premium placement on search engines for select keywords. With 80% of the marketplace using search to inquire about services and products, any business can realize a serious advantage by knowing this marketplace.

The unfortunate side effect is that search engine marketing can be costly and have an incredible learning curve, often magnified by factors tying into other marketing and sales efforts: real world campaigns, product launch dates, sales department support, or competitive market changes.

searchppcEpiphany Metrics combines our knowledge of business process along with an expert understanding of competitive analysis to create effective search marketing campaigns:

  • We look at competitors
  • We look at similar business models
  • We collaborate with multiple stakeholders
  • We confirm where conversion points can be improved

We scale efforts and adapt our tactics

  • We convert to organic placement (SEO) when needed
  • We investigate paid placement trends
  • We use the latest technology platforms
  • We look for unaddressed audiences

We gather a lot of data

  • We compare Apples to Oranges, and make informed decisions
  • We confirm with our industry experts on business cycles that identify contact points
  • We leverage community conversation to identify keyword trends
  • We help clients place A/B (multivariate tests) whenever possible for landing pages

We segment audience groups

  • Qualify them for relevancy
  • Identify them for conversion aptitude
  • Address geographic parameters and purchase behavior
  • Create time sensitive campaigns to maximize on the exact hour of maximum benefit

We assume every client has a competitive edge and are focused on ROI.

We combine SEM, SEO, Social Media and Holistic Strategy

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) have the ability to create instant return on investment and have an incredibly large economy of scale, but we know that organix searches often dwarf PPC volume by a factor of 2 to 5 times.

Pay Per Click has an immediate advantage: you can pay an exact amount today and be guaranteed a specific marketing effect. There is no wait time and your budget can be scaled up or down to prepare for product launches, special events and holidays with little lead time.

That benefit comes at a cost. Paying for clicks means you spend every time someone visits your site.

If you know a specific keyword produces results for your business and it will continue to do so for any length of time, Search Engine Optimization allows you to be found in the natural search results and you stop paying per visit. Unfortunately SEO has both strategic cost (time to find the right keyword) and a delay in results appearing immediately, but if you want the same keyword for more than six months… you should probably stop paying CPC pricing and plan an SEO approach to get it (see our search engine optimization services.)

*In some cases, it makes sense to have both SEM and SEO campaigns on the same keyword and own a lion’s share of the audience.

What will it cost?

We offer several models of working on search engine marketing, both under a flat retainer fee and a percentage of budget managed. With our extensive business focus, we often tie together several components of partnership into an efficient process. In several instances, our expertise recovered mismanaged budget that could be re-allocated to other efforts and our fee was covered by the savings we generated.

We are invite you to challenge us, with no cost to you.

We will offer a no cost review of your existing campaign with no obligation. Our short-term tactical advice is free. If you want to experience long-term, growing benefit as a client, we would be happy to work with you.

Contact us today to get started.