Our team has been using social business strategy from before ‘social’ caught on as a buzz word.


We have been actively contributing in online communities since 1989. We’ve learned a thing or two over the years.  As you face a future with less channel control and more consumer driven content, especially at a decision consideration phase – You need to understand what the new paradigm means and how to take advantage of it.


Social business strategy refers to the steps it takes to become a digital company, where social business connotes deeper interactions with their customers, more customized and personalized offerings and interactions, data driven decision making, and organizational models and processes.


The point of social business is to become more nimble and reactive to changes in the market environment.

Social business strategy is the acknowledgement and systematic approach toward planning for the digital environment, creating an understanding that the digital marketplace affects EVERY organizational aspect of a company.


A Social Business Strategy is NOT driven by IT or Marketing, but is holistic.
Your company has numerous Social Business Strategy touchpoints.


Are you tired of not knowing where to find benefit for your business online? Tired of every web development house, agency and so called search engine expert telling you that they “have things covered?”


Get an expert to review your information and give you both strategic insight and actionable points for your dollars.


    • Do you want to competitively engage in an increasingly consumer focused world?
    • Want more customers? Want to do more with the customers you have?
    • Struggling to figure out all this internet marketing stuff?
    • Confused which tactics would work for you?
    • Do you want to engage closely with customers?
    • Do you have a digital strategy and corporate social media policy?
    • Does each functional department have a social media strategy?
    • What are your competitors doing and where are your customers?












Get a “big picture” overview of where technical changes have created opportunities for your business. Stop assuming that certain ideas don’t make sense and find out what the numbers say.


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