Global Hotel Agency Moves to Digital 2.0


A leading hospitality firm with over ten thousand hotel locations around the world needed to evolve from traditional Web 1.0 into the social media marketplace. Multiple business units and major clients created difficulty in defining scalable and effective models for future growth.

The Challenge

Review the entire web presence of hundreds of existing hotel clients with a mission to define what went right, what went wrong, and where elements could be improved to create differentiation in the marketplace.

How We Helped

In addition to hundreds of sites and the services the client offered, we reviewed dozens of like-minded and competitive tools that the end decision makers at the hotel were using. We created multiple product silos with top competitors in each, examined differentiation and capability points, and mapped that information against existing client personnel to develop leading solutions for the market.

Key outcomes of the project

  • Identified a corporate exposure representing a $24m risk vulnerability
    ($160M lifetime customer value)
  • Uncovered a corporate communications gap reflecting vulnerability between claims and actual capabilities. Resulted in creation of 25+ person digital department.
  • Provided competitive intelligence that identified new positioning and product line extension opportunities.
  • Uncovered a significant competitor vulnerability and sales opportunity that presented a 15+ million channel revenue.
  • Delivered an assessment of products and delivery mechanisms, modifications for existing products to increase current margins and improve client side performance, a methodology for new product development and analysis, and proposals for two additional flagship products and customer value chains.