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Social Business Intelligence – What is it?

social business intelligenceBefore I can answer the question of “what is social business intelligence?“, we need to think about some of the ramifications of what I’m talking about at an individual level.

The reality of the digital world is that a majority of our actions and relationships have dual lives.

We create information we can comprehend and consider ourselves full participants in, while we also create information that is completely outside of our normal realm of process. Both of these types of information are archived online… all of these digital footprints overlap from sources we actively know about, the sources we subconsciously consider and disregard, and the hundreds of sources we technically never knew about.

The pervasiveness of this digital archive is fairly shocking. A good portion of our society has willingly and unknowingly abandoned many traditional concepts of personal privacy in favor of having easy access to information and being socially connected. Read more


Corporate Social Media – five questions you should ask

As part of our social media training curriculum from our educational unit at, our team has been working on all sorts of questions and answers to shed light on some of the silos of benefits created by shifts in the marketplace.

These five questions tie into the topic of corporate social media and using it beyond a simple marketing channel.

Questions of the week

Do you have a method for focusing on actionable data?
The online marketplace creates a tremendous amount of digital noise that needs to be focused down against business metrics into actionable points. Within the employees responsible for each department, they need to understand what information needs to be processed, refined, and passed along to other actionable employees.

Is human resources having difficulty retaining or attracting top talent?
When professionals know they are “A Players”, they often place reputation and personal brand at an escalated value. This often causes problems with corporate entities that have a negative perceived reputation or that do not enable the perception of being a “superstar” within a team.

Do you have a sales plan in place to take advantage of sudden online news?
With current financial fluctuations, many businesses are closing doors or shifting focus. Nimble and knowledgeable companies have an opportunity to claim market share that is suddenly tossed onto the open market during such shifts.

Do you have a method of grading your social media efforts?
Many companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars without having the ability to chart success or failure. Healthy social media projects should have a quantitative business impact and be planned against reasonable and predictable goals. It should be noted that social media results are not necessarily in marketing, but could appear in other business silos that have much deeper business impacts.

Do you understand the value of intellectual syndication?
Many businesses fail to realize that one of the largest business assets is the creative thought and intellectual power of hundreds or thousands of individuals. Internal and external groups have the ability to streamline test cycles, reduce process timelines, or out-think complex problems and achieve success.


Want some more questions to think about?

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