Event Hashtags – a guide to using them

Hashtags would seem like they aren’t terribly complex, but what if you don’t know what a Hashtag is or have never setup a business strategy using one? This guide covers event hashtags and why it makes sense to define a logical structure for your audiences to engage with you on.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words that have the hash symbol (“#”) attached to them. This highlights the #hashtag as an important part of the message. In a more traditional application you use Hashtags to note #classifications #categories and #similar topics. In many cases this allows you to talk about a brand or product and define what category the conversation should be in. Read more

Social Media Security – is your event social and secure?

If you manage or attend events regularly, this is an important topic to educate your community on.

One of my professional niches is understanding new types of security and privacy concerns regarding new media.
A common type of question people ask me revolves around exposing where people are located:

  • Should I tweet it?
  • Should I check in on FourSquare?
  • Should I comment on the presentation?
  • Should I tag them?

This article goes into some of the questions you should strategically consider for your event and ways that you can make it a great experience for everyone involved. Read more

6 Reasons to have a Social Event Strategy

Before jumping right into some of the business reasons for having a social event strategy, I want to address the time frames that digital media bring to the event owners table.

The basic scenario of working with an event exists before, during, and after. If the event is a ‘one off’ you have a simpler model.

If the event is repeating you have a cycle of before, during, and afters that build into a trend.

Most events fail at realizing the first basic model and only construct the business processes around before and during.They create attendance, vendor, and sponsor value statements around two of the three cogs. Read more