Event Hashtags – a guide to using them

Hashtags would seem like they aren’t terribly complex, but what if you don’t know what a Hashtag is or have never setup a business strategy using one? This guide covers event hashtags and why it makes sense to define a logical structure for your audiences to engage with you on.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words that have the hash symbol (“#”) attached to them. This highlights the #hashtag as an important part of the message. In a more traditional application you use Hashtags to note #classifications #categories and #similar topics. In many cases this allows you to talk about a brand or product and define what category the conversation should be in. Read more

Social Media Training, a guide to no nonsense education

To help some of our readers I’ve collected a list of training articles that I have written over at that detail some of the core elements around types of media and how the interact in both the offline and online world.

I typically add an additional article about once a month to this list in an effort to create a holistic resource to raise the common understanding of what ‘social media’ is and is not. This series of social media training documents is also a go-to list of ideas when I am researching client projects or developing tactical plans.

If a ‘social media’ whitepaper, platform, or strategy cannot address how the following elements interact with my current business environment, I have to undervalue the holistic portion of the new elements I am considering.

My overall statement:

As a business professional I don’t support, endorse, or recommend the various “light and fluffy” whitepapers and reports that can’t appropriately address fundamental business impacts.

I also don’t appreciate it when someone is led down the ‘path of no return’ without having an idea of where they are heading first.

With that said…

The following documents were written to help give you a holistic idea of multiple elements and advance your understanding of core building blocks that can be used to strengthen an affective digital business model.

I hope they help you ask the right questions that will lead you to the answers you need.

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