40+ Social Media Tools for Trade Shows

For everyone planning, promoting, or managing an event there is one necessity… discovering new ways of being more efficient.

The problem is that social media tools are coming out at an amazing pace and it is nearly impossible to track them. Here at TSSM we’ve collected a database of roughly 5000 social media tools (not all focused on the event industry) only to realize some of the best tools were never intended for events. Read more

Social Media Training – 40 Questions for the Corporate Team

There are a lot of questions regarding social media training and how it ties into a larger organization.

To help with that I’ve collected some of my thoughts in a free whitepaper that highlights some of the critical areas of impact you should be thinking about.

You can read through the list of questions I’ve covered below… but will need to download the whitepaper to get some of my value-added thoughts. Read more

Mobile Media Training – basic questions to think about

  • A day doesn’t go by without someone asking me about mobile media.

At first glance it sounds like a relatively simple problem and is usually summarized by a question like “what is the best mobile app for us?”

If only it were that simple for a company.

The mobile trend is accelerating faster and faster.

It isn’t a question of if someone is connected,
but how, why, and when they are connected. Read more

Social Media Security – is your event social and secure?

If you manage or attend events regularly, this is an important topic to educate your community on.

One of my professional niches is understanding new types of security and privacy concerns regarding new media.
A common type of question people ask me revolves around exposing where people are located:

  • Should I tweet it?
  • Should I check in on FourSquare?
  • Should I comment on the presentation?
  • Should I tag them?

This article goes into some of the questions you should strategically consider for your event and ways that you can make it a great experience for everyone involved. Read more

Corporate Social Media Training, cookie cutter = bad

On a daily basis we receive inquiries for social media training via webinar and on-demand platforms.

The reality of the request is that most of the people want a “canned solution.”

The general reasoning goes like this:

They have a problem.
They need it fixed.
They want to buy something off the shelf to fix it. Read more

Social Media Training, a guide to no nonsense education

To help some of our readers I’ve collected a list of training articles that I have written over at that detail some of the core elements around types of media and how the interact in both the offline and online world.

I typically add an additional article about once a month to this list in an effort to create a holistic resource to raise the common understanding of what ‘social media’ is and is not. This series of social media training documents is also a go-to list of ideas when I am researching client projects or developing tactical plans.

If a ‘social media’ whitepaper, platform, or strategy cannot address how the following elements interact with my current business environment, I have to undervalue the holistic portion of the new elements I am considering.

My overall statement:

As a business professional I don’t support, endorse, or recommend the various “light and fluffy” whitepapers and reports that can’t appropriately address fundamental business impacts.

I also don’t appreciate it when someone is led down the ‘path of no return’ without having an idea of where they are heading first.

With that said…

The following documents were written to help give you a holistic idea of multiple elements and advance your understanding of core building blocks that can be used to strengthen an affective digital business model.

I hope they help you ask the right questions that will lead you to the answers you need.

 If you find any of the articles interesting and helpful,
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123 Social Media

Building a Social Media Dashboard

There is no other way to say it: social media creates an insane amount of data from purchasing and conversation behavior, employee and consumer interaction, and daily lifestyle choices.

How do we handle information overload? Read more

Social Media Policy & Employee Rights with National Labor Board

While there are many social media policy documents floating around and we’ve covered the topic in-depth here many times before (see related articles below) – it is always interesting when social media policy is viewed strictly from a legal and labor relations perspective.

On that note I want to draw your attention to cases from the acting general counsel of the U.S. National Labors Relations Board. Read more

10 things your social media policy should cover

As organizations migrate further into the digital world, employees will cover a wide range of aptitude and experience using social media.

Some employees will be early adopters that broadcast ideas and conversation 24/7 with smartphones and wireless tablets, while other employees will struggle to adopt simple online tools.

The wide spectrum of aptitude and experience doesn’t have a correlation to the roles and responsibilities within the company, a senior executive may have trouble using e-mail while a mail room clerk may be a digital rock star. Read more

200+ Social Media Tools

So you woke up this morning thinking

“I need to learn about some social media tools…”

You may have missed these awesome tool collections that have earned over 1000 retweets, hundreds of likes, and a few social mentions. Each of the 40+ categories has a few relevant tips for understanding what you should be thinking about when you start exploring.

This super list of over 200 tools
should keep your educational thirst quenched for a few weeks! Read more

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