kevinhoffbergConsultant, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. I help people solve difficult, obtuse, highly charged problems. The kind that have big financial, organizational, competitive, regulatory, and/or social impact. I help them, people like you, come to decision as quickly and elegantly as possible consistent with working the problem in a high quality way. That’s what I do. I do it in the company of some extraordinarily talented people at a company called Group Partners, a wonderful consultancy based in the UK that is the progenitor of something called Structured Visual Thinking. I am head of the firm’s US Operations.


Leading the Epiphany Metrics Team

Acting as the central hub of the team, Barry provides thought-leadership amongst project teams and keeps them abreast of where business opportunities are moving in the online arena.

Kevin’s Specialty

Online brand and reputation, advanced search engine optimization, competitive research. He enjoys focusing on new models in old industries, working with both venture funded start-ups and internal corporate projects.

Kevin on the Web


Interesting Facts

  • Barry’s Father, Mother, and Grand-mother all had careers with the National Security Agency.
  • Barry enjoys writing various topics, including online business practices and poetry.
  • Barry is an accomplished digital communications designer.