Epiphany Metrics believes in supporting our partners one-hundred percent. This means passing along our knowledge and insight whenever possible, often helping our clients to staff internal teams with the best talent.

It is no surprise that the “social media” space has generated a lot of buzz, and that notoriety has caused a significant increase in resume fluffing that includes fraudulent work history experience and unsupported claims of new media expertise.

If your company is exploring ways to develop an internal team capable of producing outstanding results, Epiphany Metrics supports this goal by acting as an expert liaison that analyzes current needs and capabilities,  while examining cost savings of internal assets vs methods of outsourcing work to expert providers.

This provides some key benefits:
  • Eliminate long-term headcount that doesn’t match long-term goals
  • Identify process flow at expert level that can be implemented by less senior staff
  • Spot-train existing personnel on areas that can be handled with existing labor
  • Reduce learning curve from months to weeks
  • Select best-in-class vendors to support new media implementation

    As part of this area of practice, some specific items we can help with:

  • Interviews – by serving as an interim human resource function, our team can conduct one-on-one or group interviews to analyze the overall experience level of selected candidates or existing team members.
  • Ability Qualification – with thousands of overlapping technical, social and experience based points, our team can establish base requirements and grade candidates to best meet both existing needs and future goals.
  • Reference Check – using both online data sourcing and in-person follow-up, we can confirm notable areas of caution and double-check qualifications before hiring occurs.
  • Work experience validation – enable sub-contracting periods as an interim staff member to prove effectiveness and aptitude of specialized areas of focus, serving as a probationary period to confirm suitability based on performance.
  • Project Simulations – as new media projects are often very complex and evolving, project simulations and pilot scenarios give employers a good understanding of actual capabilities during time-sensitive and critical projects (examples include PR crisis, Project Development Failure, Conference Planning, Customer Care, Team Re-organization, etc)

    In addition to staff support, we also aid our partners with expert vendor selection support to implement the right tools and platforms.